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 Whether you have a very clear idea in your mind of the changes you want, or simply want to come in to discuss your options, we will take as long as needed to understand your goals and wishes. There should never be any rush or hard sell to pursue a rhinoplasty. We are not looking to somehow change your appearance completely or to make you look like someone else. Instead we will look to smooth out the areas of your nose you don’t like; removing dorsal bumps; deviations or slimming down a broad or a hanging nasal tip. In doing so we can return your nose to a natural, even appearance, allowing it to sit in harmony with the rest of your face 

Clinic Location and Hospitals

 Mr Atherton’s main clinic is based at the Cadogan clinic in Sloane Square. He operates across a range of hospital in London including the Cadogan; the BMI Weymouth; The Harley Street Clinic; and Guys and St Thomas hospital

Background and Expertise

 Duncan studied medicine in London at St George’s Medical school, qualifying with a double distinction in 2000. He completed his initial surgical training at Cambridge University Hospital and was awarded his MD in 2006 for his thesis on nerve injury and healing from Imperial College. Continuing his plastic surgical training in London, Mr Atherton gained further experience in many of the capitals leading teaching hospitals. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, as a specialist plastic surgeon, in 2011. He has also completed the highly coveted Wellington cosmetic surgery fellowship as well as further sub specialty fellowships in cleft lip and palate surgery and in craniofacial surgery 


Primary and Secondary Rhinoplasty


Filler Rhinoplasty

 In the right patient, filler rhinoplasty can be a very rewarding procedure. It is not suitable for everyone, but in many case can be a treatment on its own. It can also help provide an idea of what some sort surgical changes might offer. Finally it can offer a much simpler way to improve the outcome of previously performed surgeries without having to resort to a secondary procedure. Typical before and after examples can be shown at your consultation 


Skin Cancer Reconstruction and Cleft Rhinoplasty


In addition to aesthetic rhinoplasty, Mr Atherton also has a vast experience of cleft lip and palate surgery performing over 200 such procedures per year. He has a particular interest in the more complicated secondary cases involving tertiary (revision) cleft rhinoplasty and also revision lip and speech surgery. 

He also has a broad experience of nasal reconstruction and he is happy to offer excisional surgery and reconstruction in this highly visible and functionally important area of the face  

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Thank you very much for all your help and your reassurance throughout the past couple of months. You literally changed my life! Thank you so much.  AB


You and your staff always imparted a sense of confidence and care that made our experience under your care such a blessing.  JK


Thank you for the amazing surgery.  TP

I am just beyond happy and the result is more than I could have wished or asked for…it has been done with such finesse that honestly the result has just amazed me.  CS

I am absolutely delighted with my results in fact I have recommended Mr Atherton to my sister who will have her surgery in the next few weeks - So thank you Mr Atherton you are an amazing surgeon

I cannot describe how pleased I am with the results.   My experience with Mr Atherton has been above and beyond what I expected.  Scars are tiny too